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No matter what nature throws at the Far North, Richard Owen Painting have been helping people get back on their feet for over 10 years.

Cyclone Larry - 2006

Severe Tropical Cyclone Larry made landfall close to Innisfail in march 2006. A Category 5 Cyclone, Larry brought wind gusts of up to 240 kmh. The storm resulted in over $1.5 Billion in damage to the region and was considered one of the worst disasters to strike the region.

Richard Owen relocated his business and spent almost 2 years moving around the region repainting and repairing piece by piece. While the scars of Larry can still be seen in the landscape and in the faces of the people, A combined effort of dedicated individuals like Richard have restored the livelihood of many families and local businesses.

Mackay Floods - 2008

February 2008 saw massive amounts of flooding as more than 600mm of rain fell within the space of a few hours. Homes and businesses were quickly inundated with water leaving large amounts of water damage. Mould quickly set in as a result of the warm tropical summer

Richard and his team gathered their equipment and met the challenge head on cleaning, repairing and repainting the damaged buildings. Within weeks, the crew helped the town recover from one of the worst disasters they have ever had to face.

Theodore Floods - 2010

Week long flooding in December 2010 caused residents of Theodore and the surrounding regions to evacuate their homes and business. The Australian Army provided assistance with two black hawk helicopters, and local mining companies offering their vehicles to help. The residents returned to find extensive water damage and dangerous mould colonies already starting to form.

Local businesses soon contacted Richard Owen Painting to help rebuild the area and restore businesses to their original condition. More than happy to help, Richard and his team loaded their trucks and spent the next 3 months helping locals get back on track.

Cyclone Yassi - 2011

Cyclone Yassi was a category 5 Cyclone that devastated the Far North Coastal region in February 2011. Winds up too 290 Km/h wiped out properties and farms along the coastline and a storm surge of 7m damaged everything that the wind missed.

In the aftermath, Richard Owen Painting and his team relocated to the Innisfail region for close to 12 months to assist in repairing area and help families rebuild their lives

Bundaberg Floods - 2013

Floods brought on by Tropical Storm Oswald in January of 2013, damaged structures and farming lands across the Bundaberg region resulting in massive damages. Richard Owen once again met the challenge and spent several months in the area helping the locals repair damaged properties and restoring buildings to their original condition.

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